A queer, southern gothic horror novella set in small-town Louisiana, drenched in the atmosphere of the Deep South in the midst of the Public Enemies era. Available in ebook, paperback, and on Kindle Unlimited on January 12th, 2021. Preorder the ebook on Amazon, or add to your list on Goodreads. Content warnings are listed at the bottom of this post.

“Eugene didn’t know if he believed in the devil beyond the wicked things people did of their own accord, but if the devil had a face, it would look like Johnny Walker’s.”

Small-town Louisiana, 1935.

When Eugene was twelve, a girl from town disappeared. Everyone said the gators must have got her when she strayed too near the bayou. No foul play, just a terrible accident. But Eugene can’t shake the conviction that Mary Beth’s death had something to do with the man who used to haunt her—the man no one else could see.

Now, nearly two decades later, there are more dangerous things than gators in Chanlarivyè. People are disappearing again, and this time, no one can find the bodies. As the town’s unease grows, charismatic fugitive Johnny Walker arrives on the scene, shedding bullet casings and stolen bank notes in his wake. He tangles himself up in Eugene’s life and awakens memories Eugene thought he had laid to rest years ago. Memories of the mysterious man who followed Eugene into his dreams, and memories of the bayou—and of the horrifying entity that lurks beneath the water’s surface, slowly seeping into the town like a stain.

THE BAYOU is a 33,000-word southern gothic novella with an m/m relationship, firmly planted in the horror genre. Content warnings: on-page suicide, child sexual abuse, one scene of dubious consent, period-typical homophobia, graphic descriptions of gore and violence, gun violence, religion, blasphemy, smoking.

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