Arden Powell is a speculative-fiction author and illustrator from the Canadian East Coast. They graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Honouring in English Literature. As a hybrid author they self-publish as well as publish with indie presses, and have work in literary magazines including Baffling Magazine and Lightspeed. A nebulous entity, they live with a small terrier and an exorbitant number of houseplants, and have conversations with both. They write across a range of fantasy sub-genres and everything they write is queer. They can also be found on twitter @ArdenPowell.

Pronouns: they/them

Works Published:

A Summer Soundtrack for Falling in Love

The Faerie Hounds of York

The Bayou

The Botanist’s Apprentice (in the Flos Magicae series)

The Bachelor’s Valet (in the Flos Magicae series)

Mr. Marigold Reshells an Automaton (in Baffling Magazine)

Seagull Girls (in Wizards in Space Magazine)
Winter’s Dawn (in the Flos Magicae series)

Zen Solaris and the God-Child (in Lightspeed Magazine)

Upcoming Works:

Obsidian Island

The Day After Your Funeral (in Artemisia’s Axe’s Skulls & Spells queer horror anthology)

Bess and the Thrasher Bird (in Haunt and Nyx Publishing’s Unthinkable queer gothic anthology)